Manage your mining fleet redistribution

real mining

Each character receives what they mined

by volume

Which redistributes a part of each ore mined by the fleet in relation to the volume you mined.
You will then have a percentage of the overall booty

by character

Each character will receive a fair share of each ore mined by the fleet


You have the posiblility to redistribute some proportion of the total mining amount of the fleet to people who contributed (like a Porpoise, a Miasmos, scout and defencer...)

Profit computing in real time

Eve Mining Fleet compute in real time the price of compressed or reprocessed minerals you mined

Fleet visibility

Several access rights make the fleet report available to the corporation and the alliance.

Timing before joining or leaving a fleet

Before joining and leaving a fleet you have to stop mining during 10 minutes*. Else you will get less or more minerals

*Why these 10 minutes. This is the moment when the information from the eveonline data becomes accessible to the public.